Looking for entertainment, look no further.

We are an incredible troupe that offers a combination of fire arts, circus, burlesque, dance and martial arts. We have an array of skills, with or without fire, to enhance any party or event! 

We have won 'Les MaƮtres du Feu' fire competition (2 years in a row 1st place, 5th place as a troupe), we have a Guinness World Record for fire breathing, won first place on a season of YTV Zoinked and Fire Phoenix has a unique skill found nowhere else in North America: Handcuffed fire staff. We offer performances with fire and LED; we are a perfect troupe for weddings, festivals, corporate events, workshops and variety shows. So if you're looking for an amazing, heart-stopping, unique fire performance: look no further.

Our common passion for Fire, Discipline and Perseverance make us one of the best troupes around to collaborate with! 

Practice is Passion, is Love.

We are professional and very safety minded. 


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  • "I chose to work with Pyrometheus because of his focus on safety. Fire is inherently dangerous and due respect must be paid to it. Pyro puts safety first and highlights the sa..."
    Ashley Murfin
    Fire Student, Photographer, Paramedic
  • "Wow...where to begin...Amazing technique, smooth lines, graceful transitions, tight safeties, 3 very skilled and elegant performers, with a sexy show that was still very tastefu..."
    Angel Martin - Firefighter and Art teacher
    Ottawa, Canada